Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection.

Eliminates malware attacks 
True zero-day prevention
Deep Learning

Using the power of deep learning our mobile and endpoint protection is reshaping the mindset in cybersecurity, from reactive to preventative, defeating malware, ransomware and other malicious content.

Protecting endpoints and mobile devices from attack and exploit with ‘full protection’ in multiple layers, utilising a deep learning neural network and advanced predictive and prevention techniques.

Endpoint Protection

Our solution prevents the execution of malware, ransomware and many other file types through the use of advanced ‘Deep Learning’, outperforming the competition in true zero-day prevention. This is automatic resilient prevention in action with no management overhead and almost zero false positives.

Endpoint Protection

Zero Day

Protection with almost no false positives for both mobile (iOS and Android) devices and endpoint (Mac, Unix and Windows) systems.


Ransomeware and malware attacks and other malicious content far ahead of mainstream competitors.

Deep Learning

Most advance machine deep learning provides accurate prediction and prevention of malicious activity.


Delivered as a cloud based service with a micro-agent installed on mobile devices and endpoints.


Simply licensed by the number of mobile devices and endpoint systems protected.


As an annual subscription or as a monthly service.

Free live demonstrations and proof of value (POV) deployments are available now, just let us know and we’ll make all the arrangements for you.

We’re proud to say that our mobile and endpoint protection technology partner is DeepInstinct.

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