Vendor – DeepInstinct


Deep Instinct is changing the way we look at cybersecurity by harnessing the power of Deep Learning to prevent threats in zero time.

Using the power of deep learning Deep Instinct is reshaping the mindset in cybersecurity, from reactive to preventative.

20 Days

Typically predicts and prevents malware and other malicious activity 20 days ahead of mainstream desktop prevention solutions.

OS and iOS

Single platform to manage both mobile and endpoint devices including iOS, Mac, Android, Unix and Windows.

Cloud Service

Cloud based service can be deployed and effective across the enterprise within hours.

Product or Service Overview

Deep Instinct protects endpoints and mobile devices from attack and exploit with ‘full protection’ in multiple layers, utilising a deep instinct neural network and advanced predictive and prevention techniques.

Deep Instinct prevents the execution of malware, ransomware and many other file types through the use of advanced ‘Deep Learning’, outperforming the competition in true zero-day prevention. This is automatic resilient prevention in action with no management overhead and almost zero false positives.

Deep Learning

Utilising the latest advances in machine deep learning to predict and prevent malicious activity.

Mobile and Endpoint

Single integrated solution for the protection of both mobile devices and endpoint platforms.

True Zero Day

The most advanced and effective true zero day prediction and prevention of file and file-less malware.


The overall value of the solution, focusing on effort, cost and optimal resource utilisation.


The solution benefit, focusing on ease of integration, orchestration, automation and enhancing the performance of existing security technologies.


The solution outcome in the reduction of risk, stakeholder confidence and maintained compliance.

  • Reduced Effort 78% 78%
  • Reduced Cost 64% 64%
  • Optimal Resource 72% 72%
  • System Integration 64% 64%
  • Orchestration Automation 23% 23%
  • Enhancing Security 98% 98%
  • Risk Reduction 99% 99%
  • Stakeholder Confidence 94% 94%
  • Maintained Compliance 89% 89%

Cloud based service that deploys in hours for both mobile devices and endpoint platforms, simply licensed by the number of devices and platforms protected.

Utilises the latest advances in machine ‘deep learning’ to predict and prevent file and file-less malware and other malicious activity.