Insider Threat

Insider Threat.

Detect inappropriate behaviour
Identify malicious activity
Maintain compliance

Stop insider threats across your entire company, in the office or remote. Our next-generation insider threat solution allows companies of all sizes to operate securely and confidently, even with an increase in home and remote working.

Hundreds of global enterprise customers use our solution to detect credential misuse, stop data exfiltration and eliminate insider threats.

Insider Threat

Our insider threat solution collects and analyses user data from servers and workstations to identify inappropriate activity or behaviours indicative of a threat. This helps organisation retain their proprietary information and intellectual property, while maintaining regulatory compliance and their brand reputation.

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Brand Protection

Protecting your organisation and brand reputation through the early identification of behaviours that lead to harmful data loss.

Behavioural Analysis

Detection of user behaviours that would breach compliance or lead to the loss of proprietary information.

Cost Recovery

Identifies application utilisation enabling organisations to recover the cost of unused licenses and remove unapproved applications.


Delivered as a cloud-based service or an on-premises solution.


Simply licensed by the number of endpoints (Mac, Unix, Windows) protected.


As an annual subscription or as a monthly service.

Free live demonstrations and proof of value (POV) deployments are available now, just let us know and we’ll make all the arrangements for you.

We’re proud to say that our insider threat technology partner is Dtex Systems.

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