Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence.


Accelerating triage
Decreasing time to respond
Reducing analyst effort and cost

Relevant and actionable threat intelligence (TI) from more than 200 sources, enriches your analysts view of security incidents by directly integrating with your existing SIEM solution.

Our threat intel service empowers your security operations to be predictive, proactive, and more efficient.

Threat Intelligence

Our threat intel solution builds a single source of truth for your organisation though the aggregation and correlation of global threat intel, that increases accuracy and the efficiency of security and network operations.

Threat intel will accelerate your security teams triage processes and decrease their time to respond, while reducing effort and lowering operational costs.

Threat Intelligence


Threat intel feeds processed daily, ensuring your security teams have the latest, relevant and actionable intelligence at their finger tips.


Reduction in the time and effort through integration that connect threat intelligence, incident response, network and security operations teams together.


Reduction in SOC false positives through the orchestration and automation of repetitive tasks such as alert triage and incident investigation.


Delivered as a cloud-based service or an on-premises solution.


Simply licensed by the number of analysts using the platform.


As an annual subscription or as a monthly service.

Free live demonstrations and proof of value (POV) deployments are available now, just let us know and we’ll make all the arrangements for you.

We’re proud to say that our threat intel technology partner is ThreatConnect.

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