Vendor – CoFense


An integrated suite of services to improve user awakens to phishing attacks and to detect, identify and mitigate against the latest phishing attacks.

Cofense empowers your people to recognise phishing attacks and stop them in minutes, not days. Our end-to-end phishing defense solution combines cutting-edge technology with collective human intelligence to protect your organisation from inbox to SOC. 

Cofense helps global organisations quickly detect and respond to phishing attacks that evade perimeter controls. Built on the world’s largest data lake of phishing threats found by real people, Cofense combines the power of human detection with an automated response, enabling your teams to stop phishing attacks in minutes.


Countries serviced worldwide.


Of the Fortune 1000 rely of CoFense.


Phishing simulations delivered to raise user awareness.

Product or Service Overview

Cofense’s integrated suite of phishing defence solutions include; a learning management system (LMS), phishing awareness training (PhishMe) and a one click phishing button (Reporter) that integrates directly with popular email clients, enabling users to immediately ‘click and report’ suspicious emails.

Cofense also provides an  automated phishing email analysis service (Triage), an advance capability to identify and quarantine email threats (Vision) and a fully managed phishing service for the detection, response and quarantining of advance phishing attacks (PDC).

Network Effect

Remediate faster with insights from the largest network of human sensors.

Automated Response

Accelerate response and quarantine every email in a campaign.

Unbiased Intelligence

Understand and prioritize phishing threats while fine-tuning perimeter controls.


The overall value of the solution, focusing on effort, cost and optimal resource utilisation.


The solution benefit, focusing on ease of integration, orchestration, automation and enhancing the performance of existing security technologies.


The solution outcome in the reduction of risk, stakeholder confidence and maintained compliance.

  • Reduced Effort 91% 91%
  • Reduced Cost 68% 68%
  • Optimal Resource 42% 42%
  • System Integration 24% 24%
  • Orchestration Automation 26% 26%
  • Enhancing Security 92% 92%
  • Risk Reduction 98% 98%
  • Stakeholder Confidence 91% 91%
  • Maintained Compliance 89% 89%

Delivered as a cloud base service, Cofense PhishMe typically reduces the threat of employees falling victim to advanced cyber attacks by up to 95%,  preparing your last line of defence to recognise and resist phishing attempts.