Vendor – ThreatConnect


ThreatConnect fuses intelligence, automation, orchestration, and response to enable organisations of any size to be more predictive, proactive, and efficient.

We believe that intelligence should flow through every aspect of a security program. To enable constant, sound decision-making, analytics need to be constantly evaluated. Our mission is making security analysts more efficient, while providing real-time insights to security leaders to make business decisions.


Threat intelligence feeds processed daily, ensuring your security teams have the latest, relevant and actionable intelligence at their finger tips.


Reduction in the time and effort through integration that connect threat intelligence, incident response, network and security operations teams together.


Reduction in SOC false positives through the orchestration and automation of repetitive tasks such as alert triage and incident investigation.

Product or Service Overview

Threat Connect builds a single source of truth for your organisation though the aggregation and correlation of global threat intelligence, that increases accuracy and the efficiency of security and network operations.

With powerful orchestration and automation capabilities, the Threat Connect platform will improve collaboration and optimise workflows ensuring your business is optimally effective, saving both time and money, while decreasing security and financial risk.

Orchestration and Automation

Connects the SOC, NOC, TI, IR and Help Desk together, optimising their effectiveness and improves working efficiency (operational agility).

Opperational Efficiency

Typical 30% reduction in the time and effort required to triage SOC incidents saves a small SOC $147k USD per year or $588k USD per year for a large SOC.

Relevant and Actionable

ThreatConnect processes more than 216 intelligence feeds a day, making intelligence relevant to your business and actionable.


The overall value of the solution, focusing on effort, cost and optimal resource utilisation.


The solution benefit, focusing on ease of integration, orchestration, automation and enhancing the performance of existing security technologies.


The solution outcome in the reduction of risk, stakeholder confidence and maintained compliance.

  • Reduced Effort 30% 30%
  • Reduced Cost 30% 30%
  • Optimal Resource 68% 68%
  • System Integration 94% 94%
  • Orchestration Automation 89% 89%
  • Enhancing Security 78% 78%
  • Risk Reduction 82% 82%
  • Stakeholder Confidence 91% 91%
  • Maintained Compliance 78% 78%

Delivered as a cloud-based service or on-premises solution and simply licensed by the number of analysts using it.

ThreatConnect provides an advanced threat intelligence solution that delivers measurable results by providing relevant and actionable intelligence with orchestration and automation to optimise operational effectiveness and reduce security operating costs.